Video Recordings of Zero Energy Presentations

For an overview of the whole zero energy home concept, here are two public presentations that were recorded.

This one, recorded in Brattleboro in the winter of 2014, is the full three-hour presentation covering

  • What is a zero energy home
  • Why would you want to undertake such a project
  • Efficiency improvements for a zero energy home
  • Heating for a zero energy home
  • Renewable energy for a zero energy home
  • Economics of a zero energy home

Necessarily I don’t dig deep into any of these topics: its just an overview.  I haven’t watched the whole thing so I can’t say how watchable it is.  If the high def version linked above isn’t working for your download speed, here’s a lower definition version.

This presentation is one in the 6-month series we did in Montpelier.  Each of the Montpelier presentations looked at one aspect of a zero energy project, and this presentation was on Heating the Zero Energy Home (one of the better presentations in the series!)  We do manage to dig a little deeper into this topic than was possible with the all-in-one presentation above, yet we still just introduce most of the issues.

Disclaimer: these presentations come from my point of view.  There is a lot of healthy debate over what exactly zero energy means and what we all should be doing with our buildings.  But that debate is not in evidence in any of these presentations.  This is my version of zero energy: existing homes; least cost path.  Others can represent opposing views.  For me, I spend my time promoting something I believe in: housing for the rest of us.

Thanks for tuning in,

Li Ling

About Li Ling Young

Energy Consultant and Urban Homesteader, Northeast USA
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