Zero Energy, For All Kinds of Reasons, and It’s Cheaper!

Those of you who have seen my presentation exhorting you to Go Zero know that there are lots of reasons to get on the path to a Zero Energy Home.  Among them:

  • It gives you a chance to take care of all the regular maintenance items that you have to deal with periodically: replacing the roof, residing, replacing the heating system…  And to leverage that expense to reduce your home’s operating costs.
  • Problems like a wet basement, mold, poor air quality are fixed in the context of a large-scale project like a Zero Energy Home.  Excellent air quality is a hallmark of an energy efficient and high performing home.
  • The residential sector is the one place where you and all your neighbors can make a meaningful change in how much energy you use.  If we all go Zero Energy, we’d wipe out one-third of Vermont’s energy consumption.  Wow!
  • Vermont has a statewide energy plan that is admirable, aggressive, and not on track to meet any of its goals.  Nonetheless, Zero Energy Homes can be part of Vermont making good on a very important part of our future planning.
  • Homes that have had good, big energy work done are more resilient in the face of disruptions to essential services.
  • A Zero Energy Home is the most comfortable home you’ve ever experienced!

And, when you consider all the benefits of living in a Zero Energy Home, often it costs less to operate your home this way rather than continue to pay your electricity and fuel bills.  I have felt privileged to help many folks find the least cost way to operate their home, and to get on the path toward Zero Energy.

One of the underlying concepts along the Path is that everything is on the table to consider as a tradeoff in pursuit of keeping costs down: everything except health, safety, durability and comfort.  Here’s an interesting case where the owner considers another tradeoff that a solar system offers.  Enjoy!Potwine 8 - Driveway with conduit - cropped

About Li Ling Young

Energy Consultant and Urban Homesteader, Northeast USA
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