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You’re On the Right Track

This recent blog post from Martin Holladay illustrates why many folks within the energy efficiency business are taking the same approach the Vermont Zero Energy Homes Pilot has taken. The Executive Summary: don’t go overboard with expensive energy conservation efforts; … Continue reading

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Zero Energy Transportation

Remember this chart from the Zero Energy Homes presentation..? With a Zero Energy Home you can take your 31% of the Vermont energy pie and completely eliminate it. What about the rest? Here’s something you can do about the transportation … Continue reading

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Ventilation – Here, There or Everywhere?

Second in a series of ,”That’s not what I was thinking…” Ventilation is fresh air for people.  Air is moved around buildings for other purposes, but I’m not talking about keeping the attic cool, or providing replacement air for a … Continue reading

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High Performance Homes

A Zero Energy Home is an exciting idea, but behind that idea is just the number zero.  Not to bungle the math metaphor too badly, a Zero Energy Home is a “not”, or a negative.  It’s no energy.  But in … Continue reading

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Inspiration from Fellow Travellers

Here’s a selection of videos from others on the Path to Net Zero. A long, detailed description of an occupied home undergoing a Deep Energy Retrofit (in Vermont!) Next, a great, concise explanation of the benefits of a Deep Energy … Continue reading

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The Importance of Comfort

What would you do to use less energy?  Would you walk to the store instead of driving?  Would you hang your clothes instead of using the dryer?  Would you make a special trip up the stairs to turn off a … Continue reading

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What If the Price of Energy Goes Down?

The wisdom of reducing our need for household energy and then prebuying what we can’t conserve away hinges on the truism that energy costs will continue to increase.  Will they? While energy efficiency advocates like me bemoan the relative cheapness … Continue reading

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